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Xinzhizao promotion tutorial
Xinzhizao promotion tutorial

How to promote Xinzhizao to get rewards? I'm here to show you

After logging in to Xinzhizao intelligent query system,

there are I'd like to promote and software sharing buttons in the member center,

and you can click any of them

After clicking, it will jump to the share page

There is a QR code on this page, you can scan the code and share it with your friends,

or you can click to copy the exclusive link and send it to your friends

After they click on your link to register, he belongs to the user you invited

Reward 1, if you successfully invite a friend to register, you will get 1 day of VIP rewards,

and you can get up to 7 days of VIP rewards every month

Reward 2, after the user you invited recharges for the first time,

you can get a commission of 30% of the recharge amount

Accumulated more than 10 people, you can get 40% commission every month

Accumulated more than 20 people, you can get 50% commission every month

It should be noted that there is no rebate for long-term users and it is only open to agents

Reward 3, when you invite 100 friends, you will be automatically upgraded to a promotion expert,

and you can get a reward of 10% of the first recharge amount of the second-tier friends

Here you can see your invited friends and rewards

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